⦁ How do I place an order?

Please review my portfolio  and click on the contact tab above to send me an email to request a quote or information. Please be thorough in letting me know how I can meet your needs and reserve my services. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response and I will respond asap! A contract will then be sent to your email.  It is very important to ensure your date is reserved and available.  

Please note: Please allow ample time to reserve services and time to receive your order, especially if it is for a wedding. *6-8 weeks minimum* is recommended for mailing out invitations for all weddings. Keep in mind, additional time may be needed to receive, review and mail your invitations, including, but not limited to additions and corrections.

⦁ Do you provide services just locally or nationwide?

Yes, I do Both!

⦁ What do you need from me?

I will need the following:

1.  List of services to be rendered

2. Your guest list:  (List in excel format)

3. Payment

     -Full Payment for all services under $75.00

     -50% Non-refundable deposit for all services over $75.00

4.  All *materials* needed to perform calligraphy (if applicable):

Outside envelopes                                       

Inner envelopes

Place cards                                                    

Note Cards

RSVP Envelopes                                         

Custom (Signage, Menus, Banners, etc.)

*Please include 10-15% extra envelopes per every 75 envelopes to allocate for any spelling errors, additions, or changes.

⦁ What are your submission guidelines?

Please submit your fully proof read and legible guest list. 

Number your addresses and include all zip codes



Mr. and Mrs. Smith

1234 Valley Way

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

⦁ How do you take payment?

I accept cash & check (local only) and credit cards via PayPal for those who want to use a credit card/bank cards that contain the Visa /Amex/MasterCard logo

Please be sure to send full payment on all orders under $75.00 OR 50% non-refundable deposit for all orders over $75.00 with your materials.  Once your order is complete, I will send a request for final payment via PayPal email. Once I receive the final payment for my work (including such things as shipping, proof reading, postage, rush fees, etc), your order will be shipped.

⦁ What if I need additional items addressed after I receive my order?

I am more than happy to address additional items at the same price per envelope plus shipping.   

⦁ Do you charge for return shipping?

Yes, there will be a charge for shipping depending on how heavy your package is. Your package will be sent via USPS or FedEX to ensure timely delivery.  Typically USPS Priority or FedEX d (3-5 days) will be charged $15.00-$20.00.

⦁ Do I need to send extra envelopes?

Yes. It is recommended to send 10-15% additional envelopes per every 75 invitations (7-14 envelopes is desired). This allows for errors, corrections, or unexpected additions. This is the very reason I may keep a few envelopes after your order has been mailed. Calligraphy takes much time and dedication and I want everything to look its best!

⦁ Do you do rush orders? 

Yes.  Rush jobs are considered any job needed in less than two weeks.  Please contact me at mail@tawnytsang.net and tell me the details of your occasion, the quantity, and how soon it is needed, so I may send you a quote. 

⦁ What methods of shipping do you use?

I will ship all completed orders using FedEX or USPS Priority Mail and provide a tracking number and can request a confirmation receipt.   Shipping and additional postage charges are paid by the customer and added to the final bill.

⦁ What if I find errors in my order?

If I am in error, it will be rewritten at no cost to you. If it is a typo/error in your error, it will be rewritten in a timely manner and charged at the same rate you paid per envelope. I will make every effort to confirm spellings in question. This is why I ask that you order/send extra envelopes for this very unexpected reason.

⦁ What color ink do you provide?

Although black is standard and most elegant, other colors may be available.  Please let me know what you have in mind and I will make every attempt to accommodate your wishes. I also can write on black envelopes with white labels and possibly in gold OR silver, dependent on stock.